Pilot Math Calculators

This page has every spreadsheet in my book, Pilot Math Treasure Bath, for you you to download and customize, for free. They’re set up for 2019 pay rates for Horizon Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and a USAF pilot with an arbitrary BAH rate. You’ll need to dig into the workbook to fully customize them to your own airlines. Don’t be afraid to “Unhide” underlying spreadsheets.

Major Airline Pilot Math

Use this spreadsheet to calculate pay for a major airline pilot. It’s set up for Delta, but you’re welcome to download and customize it as you like.

Regional Airline Pilot Math

This spreadsheet helps calculate pay for a regional airline pilot. It includes the Major Airline Pilot Math spreadsheet and combines the two so you can see full career earnings and savings.

Military Officer Pilot Math

This calculator is for military pilots considering whether to leave the military or not.

Warrant Officer Pilot Math

Use this spreadsheet to calculate earnings for an Army warrant officer who transitions to the airlines.

Reserve Officer Pilot Math

This spreadsheet calculates lifetime Pilot Math for an Active Duty officer who joins the Guard or Reserve.

It also calculates your lifetime compensation per hour worked as a Reservist.

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