About the Author

Jason “Emet” Depew is a pilot for a major US airline. He does some part-time flight instructing in the Icon A5, his 1950 C-170A, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He also publishes regularly as a Staff Writer for The Pilot Network, a group of more than 25,000 pilots dedicated to helping each other enjoy great careers, and on BogiDope.com.

While on active duty, Emet flew the TG-4A, TG-10B/C/D, B-1B, U-28A, T-6A, and E-11A. He flew more than 300 combat missions over Afghanistan, Djibouti, and elsewhere. The proudest moments of his military career were times when he made a difference in protecting good men and women with boots on the ground, and making bad guys go away forever. He now does a non-flying job in the USAF Reserve.

Married with two kids, three dogs, a hamster, a parakeet, and certainly many more animals to come, Emet and the other Depews enjoy travel, swimming, eating delicious food, building things, and escape rooms.

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