I did a lot of writing before I came up with the idea for Pilot Math Treasure Bath. A friend and I have an aviation-themed blog at, and I’m a contributor on Most of my recent writing has been for an online community of more than 25,000 pilots called, appropriately, The Pilot Network (TPN.)

TPN has its own website, but most of the action happens on their community page and their private Facebook group. TPN does a lot of great things, but it takes some money to run everything. There is no overall membership fee to join TPN, but the community page requires a subscription, which is a pain for some young pilots. I’ve insisted that everything I write on TPN be available for free, and thankfully you’re in luck.

Much of what I write for TPN ends up aggregated in TPNQ, The Pilot Network’s quarterly newsletter. You can read all the issues of TPNQ for free here.

You can also read much of my TPN writing on the free TPN-Go mobile app. Download it at: