Palace Chase and Palace Front Explained

In my latest post on BogiDope I discuss the Palace Chase and Palace Front programs. Beyond just describing the basics, I look in depth at some strategies for timing your application and making sure your commander(s) support your request. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s easy to feel trapped as an Active Duty Air Force pilot. With years to go before your Active Duty Service Commitment is up, your family may worry that you’ll never get to leave the ongoing cycle of long workdays broken up by multi-month deployments. For some families, that end can’t come soon enough. Thankfully, the USAF has both an officially-sanctioned shortcut, and a companion that smooths the transition for an on-time separation from Active Duty, codified in their own Air Force Instruction. These programs, called Palace Chase and Palace Front, are perhaps some of the most important policies in the US Air Force. Today we’ll explore what they are and how to employ them to your benefit.”

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