Confessions of a Reserve T-38C IP

A Reserve T-38C UPT IP explains his job, how to get hired, and gives invaluable advice for current or future T-38 student pilots.

MASS – The UPT Scoring System Explained

I explain the Merit Assignment Selection System (MASS) that determines class rank for student pilots at USAF UPT on BogiDope.

Palace Chase and Palace Front Explained

A look at the Palace Chase and Palace Front programs, including strategies on timing and getting your commander(s) onboard with your request.

Winning UPT Financially

This week on BogiDope I have a laser-focused application of Pilot Math Treasure Bath that explains How to Win UPT Financially.

TPNx 2019: Quality Over Quantity

A review of TPNx 2019. For those not lucky enough to attend I answer the questions: “What happens at TPNx” and “Who benefits from going there?”

Civilian Ratings That Military Pilots Should Care About, Part 1

Every military pilot needs to understand the basics about a couple FAA/civilian pilot ratings. I break down some of those details in my post on BogiDope this week.

TPN (and PMTB) at ATA

I got to attend the ATA conference as a rep for The Pilot Network over the days that I officially released my book. It was a fun experience and a bit of a reunion. I also gained some fascinating insight into interacting with senior military leaders after leaving full-time military service. Here’s the teaser to get you started.

Should I Track Helicopters at UPT?

Had I realized how awesome it is to be a helicopter pilot in the Air Force, my pilot career may have followed a very different path. My latest post on discusses the options for USAF rotary-winged flying, and whether it’s the right choice for you. Here’s an intro and a link to the fullContinue reading “Should I Track Helicopters at UPT?”

How to Rush a Unit

Lifetime has a show called Married at First Sight. I can’t even bring myself to watch it–it just sounds like a bad idea. I categorize this with other shows like all the Real Housewives series under “Trainwrecks I Don’t Watch.” I can’t imagine that Hired at First Sight would be any more successful for a Guard or Reserve unit. ForContinue reading “How to Rush a Unit”

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