Escape Plan FIRE

A description of what I call “Escape Plan FIRE.” When your basic needs are met, you choose to keep working, and you may even spend more than necessary as long as that work brings in enough money.

Full Text – Chapter 8, Dead Zoners

An excerpt from Pilot Math Treasure Bath. Chapter 8 – Dead Zoners. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is going to put a new generation of pilots into similar circumstances before the year is over.

TPNx 2019: Quality Over Quantity

A review of TPNx 2019. For those not lucky enough to attend I answer the questions: “What happens at TPNx” and “Who benefits from going there?”

Kobo Knows Pilot Math!

Pilot Math Treasure Bath is now available on Kobo!


The eBook version of Pilot Math Treasure Bath is officially available on I’m working on setting this website up to give everything I promised in the book. This blog will host a continuing discussion of topics related to Pilot Math. I don’t plan to re-hash every topic from the Financial Independence community, as it’sContinue reading “Welcome!”

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