Widget Pilots’ GVUL – Part 2

Part 2 for Delta pilots’ GVUL discusses the investing option. This comes with some heavy fees, offset in many cases by some amazing tax advantages. We run some actual numbers to decide if (when) using the GVUL might be a good choice.

Widget Pilots’ GVUL – Part 1

The Delta pilots’ new life insurance option, GVUL, offers everything their old plan did, plus some huge tax advantages. If you want those advantages, you must take action to opt-in.

High Tax Bill? It’s Your Own Fault!

How to reduce your tax bill while also enjoying investment returns. No help from your union, company, or government required.

Profit Sharing Tax Withholding (Or: How to Identify the Uneducated)

Only uneducated fools complain about the 22% tax withholding rate applied to profit sharing. Plus: how to mitigate that withholding rate’s impact.

The Unspoken Hypocrisy of FIRE

Tough questions that the FIRE movement deserves to ask itself.