Is Mesa Airlines RTP or E2A Right for Me?

Much ado is being made over Mesa Airlines’ new RTP and E2A programs. Are they right for you though? Why are they being pushed so hard?

Full Text – Chapter 8, Dead Zoners

An excerpt from Pilot Math Treasure Bath. Chapter 8 – Dead Zoners. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is going to put a new generation of pilots into similar circumstances before the year is over.

Junior Captain Update #1

An update on what it’s like to be the 4th most junior Captain at a major airline.

Second Career Pilots

My advice to pilots thinking about pursuing a second career as a professional pilot.

Best Airline Application and Interview Prep Services for 2020

A look at some of the best airline application review and interview prep companies in the business.

How I Made $4400 to Eat a Slice of Pizza

A story of how I got paid $4400 to fly to NYC and eat a slice of pizza. Then a discussion of some ways to maximize Quality of Life at your major airline.

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