The Power and Limitations of Networking

Networking and pilot hiring conferences have their place. However, low-time pilots need to ensure they’ve exhausted other good options before spending big money on these events.

Worried About Checkride Failures? Ask Better Questions!

Are you worried about failed checkrides hurting your career chances? Here’s how it might affect you, and how you can ask better questions instead.

Should I Buy an Airplane for Training?

Yes, there is a case for buying an airplane to use as a trainer. However, there’s a lot to consider with that decision.

Is Mesa Airlines RTP or E2A Right for Me?

Much ado is being made over Mesa Airlines’ new RTP and E2A programs. Are they right for you though? Why are they being pushed so hard?

Second Career Pilots

My advice to pilots thinking about pursuing a second career as a professional pilot.

World’s Best Aviation Scholarship List!

If you want aviation scholarships, Meira Leonard has created the ultimate list for you on her site, Blonds in Aviation. Don’t even bother reading more about it here yet, just click on the link or this picture and go see it! From what I can tell, this calendar has several million dollars worth of paidContinue reading “World’s Best Aviation Scholarship List!”

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