World’s Best Aviation Scholarship List!

If you want aviation scholarships, Meira Leonard has created the ultimate list for you on her site, Blonds in Aviation. Don’t even bother reading more about it here yet, just click on the link or this picture and go see it!

From what I can tell, this calendar has several million dollars worth of paid flight training and other educational opportunities. You now have now excuse to complain about the costs of flight training until you’ve exhausted the possibilities here.

Are you watching TV right now?

Are you scrolling through an endless social media feed?

Are you shopping online?

If so, stop it! Don’t do any of those things again until you’ve applied for at least one scholarship. If that doesn’t get you excited enough to immediately move on to the next one, then set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Give yourself that much time to go back to what you were doing. When the alarm goes off, you have to apply for another scholarship. It’ll only take you a few weeks to get through the list, then you can go back to finding a good side-hustle to held fund your flying. I recommend this one for anyone with a pilot’s license.

I was going to build my own scholarship list, but Meira’s is far better than anything I could do. I’ve replaced what I was working on here with another link to her calendar. I know of a couple scholarships she doesn’t have yet, so I’m planning on asking her to post them on her list. If not, they’ll go up on the scholarships page here.

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