Kobo Knows Pilot Math!

Kobo lovers can now get Pilot Math Treasure Bath on their Kobo eReaders.

For those who know what a Kobo is, I hope you’re excited to have another title available. If you don’t know, I won’t blame you. Kobo is an eReader that uses an electronic ink technology similar to Amazon’s Kindle. You could think of it like the Android to Kindle’s iPhone. (Or maybe the 1990s Mac to Microsoft’s Windows.)

I’m a big fan of competitive markers and customers having options. I think it makes everyone better. I think the Kobo is a good platform on it’s own, and I hope it keeps pressure on Amazon to continue improving the Kindle.

Just like Amazon, Kobo mobile phone and desktop apps you can use to read books from their store if you want to try it out.

Thanks for reading. I hope your Treasure Baths fill up quickly so you can focus on doing great things.

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