Upgrade to Captain or Stay an FO? – Another PMTB Calculator

Calculate how much less you might be able to work by upgrading. Fewer days gone, less stress. Hard numbers based on real-world data.

The Art of a LinkedIn Cold-Contact

Don’t use LinkedIn to cold-pitch your services. But if you must, here’s how and how not to do it!

Widget Pilots’ GVUL – Part 2

Part 2 for Delta pilots’ GVUL discusses the investing option. This comes with some heavy fees, offset in many cases by some amazing tax advantages. We run some actual numbers to decide if (when) using the GVUL might be a good choice.

Widget Pilots’ GVUL – Part 1

The Delta pilots’ new life insurance option, GVUL, offers everything their old plan did, plus some huge tax advantages. If you want those advantages, you must take action to opt-in.

The Power and Limitations of Networking

Networking and pilot hiring conferences have their place. However, low-time pilots need to ensure they’ve exhausted other good options before spending big money on these events.

Widget MBCBP Final Update

One last update on the MBCBP before the deadline for deciding whether you want to participate or not.

FedEx MBCBP Considerations

The FDX pilots’ current TA is terrible. Here’s why.

MBCBP Participants Get a $330K Control Loophole

I just realized we’ve always had a loophole that gives us significant control over how much money goes into our MBCBP each year. This should relieve you.

MBCBP – Detailed Update w/ Zoom Links

Important MBCBP updates, including links to two upcoming zoom discussions.