TPNQ Issue 13 is Live! (and Free)

Check out the latest issue of The Pilot Network Quarterly for some great industry news and career insight!

Junior Captain Update #1

An update on what it’s like to be the 4th most junior Captain at a major airline.

Second Career Pilots

My advice to pilots thinking about pursuing a second career as a professional pilot.

How I Made $4400 to Eat a Slice of Pizza

A story of how I got paid $4400 to fly to NYC and eat a slice of pizza. Then a discussion of some ways to maximize Quality of Life at your major airline.

TPNx 2019: Quality Over Quantity

A review of TPNx 2019. For those not lucky enough to attend I answer the questions: “What happens at TPNx” and “Who benefits from going there?”

TPN (and PMTB) at ATA

I got to attend the ATA conference as a rep for The Pilot Network over the days that I officially released my book. It was a fun experience and a bit of a reunion. I also gained some fascinating insight into interacting with senior military leaders after leaving full-time military service. Here’s the teaser to get you started.

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