TPNx 2019: Quality Over Quantity

I spent most of last weekend at a networking event/conference called TPNx, hosted by The Pilot Network. It was an outstanding experience.

I’ve encountered a few people online who didn’t attend because we’d failed to communicate what happens at TPNx and why a person might want to go. I’ve done my best to explain that in my post about the event. Here are a few excerpts:

“TPNx was awesome this year. Adam Uhan wrote a short review of the event and he was spot-on. I want to describe some about my experience too, but, perhaps more importantly, I want to address a question I’ve been surprised to see a lot in the last couple days. Specifically: ‘What type of pilot benefits from TPNx?'”

“I also met a bunch of other pilots from all over the country. We talked a lot about career options. Some had lingering questions about stuff they’d read online and just weren’t sure they could trust. I was able to either set things straight for them, or refer them to a person or place where they could get that confirmation. I also identified lingering questions that will become future articles I write here.”

“The Southwest hiring team branched out a lot this year. They started off TPNx by spending hours at a table the first night in a private, small-group discussion and Q&A. They were available throughout the weekend for questions. Having access to the hiring team for a major airline for a whole weekend is something you’ll never get anywhere else.”

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