TPNx 2019: Quality Over Quantity

I spent most of last weekend at a networking event/conference called TPNx, hosted by The Pilot Network. It was an outstanding experience.

I’ve encountered a few people online who didn’t attend because we’d failed to communicate what happens at TPNx and why a person might want to go. I’ve done my best to explain that in my post about the event. Here are a few excerpts:

“TPNx was awesome this year. Adam Uhan wrote a short review of the event and he was spot-on. I want to describe some about my experience too, but, perhaps more importantly, I want to address a question I’ve been surprised to see a lot in the last couple days. Specifically: ‘What type of pilot benefits from TPNx?'”

“I also met a bunch of other pilots from all over the country. We talked a lot about career options. Some had lingering questions about stuff they’d read online and just weren’t sure they could trust. I was able to either set things straight for them, or refer them to a person or place where they could get that confirmation. I also identified lingering questions that will become future articles I write here.”

“The Southwest hiring team branched out a lot this year. They started off TPNx by spending hours at a table the first night in a private, small-group discussion and Q&A. They were available throughout the weekend for questions. Having access to the hiring team for a major airline for a whole weekend is something you’ll never get anywhere else.”

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Civilian Ratings That Military Pilots Should Care About, Part 1

If you aspire to a lifetime career as a professional pilot, you almost can’t beat getting your start in the military. Whether you fly tankers because size matters, you decide to fight both wars and forest fires in the C-130, or you give in to your inner Maverick and fly fighters, you can’t beat the experiences you’ll have as a military pilot.

If you’re smart, you’ll follow the Ultimate Military Pilot Career Path, earning free college and four years of credit toward retirement in the process. Then, when all’s said and done, you’ll be eligible to move on to the airlines where the pay is more than…well…just read this post and see.

The Federal Aviation Regulations have a section (14 CFR 61.73) that gives you credit (and a Commercial Pilot’s License) for your military pilot ratings, which is nice. For the most part, you don’t need to know or care about most of the rules for civilian pilot ratings. However, there are a couple of critical points in your career when you will need to obtain civilian ratings the hard way. We’ll discuss those situations here today, then take a look at some ways to get that done next week.

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Kobo Knows Pilot Math!

Kobo lovers can now get Pilot Math Treasure Bath on their Kobo eReaders.

For those who know what a Kobo is, I hope you’re excited to have another title available. If you don’t know, I won’t blame you. Kobo is an eReader that uses an electronic ink technology similar to Amazon’s Kindle. You could think of it like the Android to Kindle’s iPhone. (Or maybe the 1990s Mac to Microsoft’s Windows.)

I’m a big fan of competitive markers and customers having options. I think it makes everyone better. I think the Kobo is a good platform on it’s own, and I hope it keeps pressure on Amazon to continue improving the Kindle.

Just like Amazon, Kobo mobile phone and desktop apps you can use to read books from their store if you want to try it out.

Thanks for reading. I hope your Treasure Baths fill up quickly so you can focus on doing great things.

World’s Best Aviation Scholarship List!

If you want aviation scholarships, Meira Leonard has created the ultimate list for you on her site, Blonds in Aviation. Don’t even bother reading more about it here yet, just click on the link or this picture and go see it!

From what I can tell, this calendar has several million dollars worth of paid flight training and other educational opportunities. You now have now excuse to complain about the costs of flight training until you’ve exhausted the possibilities here.

Are you watching TV right now?

Are you scrolling through an endless social media feed?

Are you shopping online?

If so, stop it! Don’t do any of those things again until you’ve applied for at least one scholarship. If that doesn’t get you excited enough to immediately move on to the next one, then set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Give yourself that much time to go back to what you were doing. When the alarm goes off, you have to apply for another scholarship. It’ll only take you a few weeks to get through the list, then you can go back to finding a good side-hustle to held fund your flying. I recommend this one for anyone with a pilot’s license.

I was going to build my own scholarship list, but Meira’s is far better than anything I could do. I’ve replaced what I was working on here with another link to her calendar. I know of a couple scholarships she doesn’t have yet, so I’m planning on asking her to post them on her list. If not, they’ll go up on the scholarships page here.

TPN (and PMTB) at ATA

I got to attend the ATA conference as a rep for The Pilot Network over the days that I officially released my book. It was a fun experience and a bit of a reunion. I also gained some fascinating insight into interacting with senior military leaders after leaving full-time military service. Here’s the teaser to get you started:

What do you sell at a military trade show? It turns out there’s a lot…ish.

I just spent part of a week representing The Pilot Network at the annual Airlift/Tanker Association (ATA) conference in Orlando. It was a fun and fascinating experience. If you’re in the military and you’ve never been, ask your boss to send you TDY next year. If you’re not in the military, but you want to go, ask Matt Swee or Adam Uhan if you can help next year as a rep for TPN or one of our other sponsors.

Despite my perhaps unforgiving reception of the mass-messaging, It was interesting talking to individual leaders one-on-one. The ATA sets aside time for O-6s and above to walk through the vendor exhibit hall and speak with each of us. I got to go toe-to-toe with Colonels and Generals to explain what TPN is, help promote our sponsors, and to talk about the big issues in the Air Force.

I was very pleased to note that most of the O-6s I talked to get “it” on issues like pilot retention. One of them outlined his idea for fixing things, and it fit perfectly with my own ideas on the matter. Our mutual conclusion seemed to be: “Why the hell aren’t we doing this?”

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Pilot Math Treasure Bath is #1!

Thank you to my friends, family, and readers for making Pilot Math Treasure Bath the #1 New Release in its category on Amazon!

New hotness aside, PMTB is also ranking high in categories like Aviation Piloting and Flight Instruction (#44,) Personal Success in Business (#680,) and Personal Finance (#2246.) It’s sold more than 145 copies in its first week, and, most importantly, I’ve already received feedback that it’s changing lives. If there’s a pilot in your life that you care about, please share this book with him or her!

If you have a minute, please take a moment and leave a review as well. It helps people to know if you’ve found the material in the book useful. (And it helps with sales.)

Thanks again. I hope you’re enjoying reading. I hope PMTB is making a difference for you and your family.

Fly safe!
– Emet

Should I Track Helicopters at UPT?

Had I realized how awesome it is to be a helicopter pilot in the Air Force, my pilot career may have followed a very different path. My latest post on discusses the options for USAF rotary-winged flying, and whether it’s the right choice for you. Here’s an intro and a link to the full post:

At Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) there are some things that don’t change much over the years. After flying the T-6A in Phase II, student pilots “track select” to either the T-38 for fighters & bombers, the UH-1 for helicopters and CV-22s, or the T-1 for everything else. I’ve recently noticed student pilots discussing online which order to list the options for track select, and they’re going through exactly the same thought process as I did in their shoes.

For today, we’re going to focus on the helicopter track. This represents the road less traveled in the USAF as there are only three airframes and a handful of assignments available. (Many of the same factors play into similar decisions for Navy and Marine Corps pilots.) This track also makes things interesting in a post-military career transition. However, Air Force helicopter pilots get to fly challenging and important missions that are worth it for the right pilot. Let’s take a look at why you might want to choose the UH-1 at track select, and what that will mean for your future.

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How to Rush a Unit

Lifetime has a show called Married at First Sight. I can’t even bring myself to watch it–it just sounds like a bad idea. I categorize this with other shows like all the Real Housewives series under “Trainwrecks I Don’t Watch.” I can’t imagine that Hired at First Sight would be any more successful for a Guard or Reserve unit.

For a UPT applicant hired at age 18, a career in the Guard or Reserves could potentially last longer than many marriages. For both these types of relationships, it’s critical for all parties to spend time getting to know each other before committing to anything permanent. Rushing a Guard or Reserve unit is as close as it gets to dating, and it’s something you need to plan on doing.

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Pilot Math Treasure Bath is Live!

It’s official, Pilot Math Treasure Bath is now published and available on Amazon. Here are links to…

The Kindle Version:

The Paperback Version:

Pilot Math Treasure Bath isn’t a scheme and it won’t get you rich quick. However, it will help you understand Why you’re pursuing this career, how much money you’ll earn before you retire, and how to save and invest so that you’ll have something to show for it.

Although there’s nothing get rich quick about it, I do prove mathematically that you have the potential to reach complete financial freedom in a shockingly short amount of time.

If you are or love a pilot, this book is for you.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


How to Become a Fighter Pilot

Do you aspire to fly faster than the speed of sound, pull Gs, and take part in the ultimate form of dueling? If so, you would probably love serving your country as a fighter pilot. I wrote about how to achieve that goal in my latest post on BogiDope this week. Take a look!

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